Museum of Almost Realities

“For every choice we make, we kill off an alternate future. Sometimes we have to live with their ghosts.”


The Museum of Almost Realities was at
    725 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL
THURS OCT 11 - SUN OCT 14, 2018

The Museum of Almost Realities, the Library of Future Happiness,
and Possible Futures Play Area were at the 
Seattle Art Museum, 1300 1st Ave, Seattle 
FRI MAR 30, 2018 

Excerpts from the Collection were on view at the School for Poetic Computation,
155 Bank St, New York
FRI NOV 10 - SUN NOV 12, 2017


The Museum of Almost Realities is a collection of artifacts from the life you might have had. A museum of all the significant things from another past/present/future, a glimpse into a multiverse where you turned left instead of right, said yes instead of no. Sometimes it makes no difference. Sometimes it makes all the difference in the world.
We accept all artifacts of almost realities, past, present, and future. Artifacts will be valued, protected, and maintained. They will be here whenever you decide to return, but you can leave them behind.

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