Possible Futures Play Area

For our youngest visitors

Welcome to the world! This is your life! Jump in the ball pit of infinite possibility!  
This is all the ways your life could turn out! There are infinite possible yous in a the future is full of infinite possibilities!  

You want to be an astronaut when you grow up? A firefighter? The President? Guess what! You can be all of these things, maybe!

Remember kids, you only get one life! As you grow older, each decision you make kills off a different possible you!

All the doors are open! But you have to walk through one. You can’t stay here forever.   

Note: The play area is reserved for children 13 and under, or before the weight of the future starts pressing down on you. Adults may find the Possible Futures area uncomfortably small.

Adults are also not permitted in the ball pit.

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